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SantaCon is Coming to Town!

Its that time of year again, Beijing! Time to dust off your Holly Jolly and start getting your Joy an Ode-ing. Santa has sent word to his elves, SantaCon will happen on Saturday, December 13!

SantaCon is the global non-denominational, non-religious and totally non-sensical celebration of all things Santa! Beijing Ren will join fellow revelers all across the world in donning their finest Santa suits and walking around the city, spreading good cheer and partaking in the milk, cookies and libations that wil abound the route.

Follow this space for updates, as in the coming days Santa will be giving out sage advice on how to best prepare for the party, tips on ways to have the most fun and, most importantly, where to go.

There will be multiple starting points in varous locations around Beijing, with a central meeting point for all Santas to converge on. There will also be a final celebration with a legendary local band that everybody will love.

Follow Santa here, on Twitter and Facebook and keep your eyes peeled for posts from your friends on WeChat. Help spead the word and we’ll see you all Ho-Ho-Ho-ing on December 13th!!