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The Rules of Santacon

Be the Best Santa You Can Be


SantaCon is almost here! As the day draws closer its time for Santas across Beijing to start making plans for the epic city-wide celebration that’s coming! So what can a Santa do to have the best experience possible? Here are some essential tips:

Dress Up! Remember: Santa looks like Santa. A Santa hat is not enough. Buy a suit, make a suit, borrow a suit or steal a suit. Elves, Mrs. Claus, reindeer and unusual interpretations of Santa are appreciated. Glue cotton balls to red long johns if you have to. If all else fails, Santa’s helpers will have a limited number of Santa suits on sale at our “Santa Suit-Up” events for ¥50 each, with all proceeds going to support the Maovember charities, Bread of Life Bakery and The Library Project.

Bundle Up! Beijing will feel like the North Pole on Saturday, with temperatures currently predicted to barely reach 5°C (39°F). Be sure to wear layers and double up on your socks!
Prep Your Sleigh! Santa loves public transportation! While we won’t know the route details until the day itself, it’s almost guaranteed that the party will jump onto the subway or a bus at some point. Come prepared with a subway card that’s got enough credit on it to get you across the ‘Jing.
Santa Is Santa! You are Santa. Address your fellow Santas as “Santa.”
Be Jolly! Santa is a jolly ol’ elf, so act the part! Spread good cheer with your loudest “Ho, Ho, Ho!”
Bring Gifts! Naughty gifts are okay for adults, nice gifts (like small toys and candy) for the kids. Throwing coal at people is discouraged no matter who they are.
Santa Doesn’t Talk To the Press! Even “Ho, Ho, Ho!” is controversial these days. Seriously, no-one speaks for Santa – not you, not that Santa over there, not even that other Santa. If somebody with a camera or a microphone asks you for our opinion, since you’re dressed like Santa, the media might treat it as Santa’s opinion.
Santa Doesn’t Get Arrested! There is no bail fund for incarcerated Santas and if you cross that line, you’re on your own. Be nice to authorities and business owners.
Santa Is the Only Organizer of SantaCon! Everybody participating in SantaCon is Santa. If somebody asks you who is “in charge” you can honestly say, “Santa.”


Finally… remember “The Four F*cks”:
Don’t f*ck with kids.
Don’t f*ck with cops.
Don’t f*ck with security.
Don’t f*ck with Santa.

SantaCon Does Maovember

Santa Supports Maovember!

Over the years, Santa’s elves have made sure that SantaCon has meant more than just a rollicking party through the hutongs. At the start of each sleigh ride, there have been Santa Suits available for purchase for Santas who weren’t able to find their costumes in time. All money collected for these suits has been donated to various charities.
Maovember Banner

This year, in honor of his famous facial hair Santa is happy to announce that all proceeds raised during this year’s SantaCon will be going to support Maovember and its designated charities, Bread of Life Bakery & The Library Project!

http://breadoflifebakery.org/Maovember - 03

http://www.library-project.org/Maovember - 04
In addition to all money collected for Santa suits, there will be pins for sale for 500 Mao (¥50), with all proceeds going to Maovember.

Maovember - 02

Currently celebrating its 5th year, Maovember has become a Beijing-based institution that has spread to cities throughout China and around the Asia-Pacific region. It is an annual campaign that teams restaurants, bars, vendors and customers for good causes.

So far this year the folks behind Maovember, along with the collaborating venues, have raised almost 720,000 Mao (¥72,000) towards their 1 Million Mao goal (¥100,000) through events like the Mao’roccan Thanksgiving Feast at Caravan, the Mystery Wine Party at Q Bar, the Corn-Toss Classic at The Irish Volunteer, and many more. There is even a maniac who has vowed to walk 900 kilometers during the month of November to raise funds.

Maovember - 01

Santa is thrilled to be able to support the efforts of everybody involved with the Maovember movement! So come on out for your regular dose of holiday fun and help spread good cheer to people in need!

Santa Speaks!!!

#1 Rule of SantaCon: “Santa Looks Like Santa”

SantaCon is not just a bar crawl. It is an unabashedly silly celebration of all things Holly and Jolly! And the thing that’s turned it into the global phenomenon that it is today has been the dedication of all participants to take on the mantle of “Santa” by singing, being “nice”, giving out gifts and, most importantly, dressing the part.
Santacon 01 - Sepia Santa
Don’t be THAT Santa

Just tossing on a hat and draping a few strands of tinsel around your neck is not enough. Santa comes in many forms, many colors and has lots of cultural contexts but one thing is constant through all of his/her iterations: A holiday-themed get-up.

The “standard” Santa suit is always a winner, but if you want to represent your culture, feel free to make some changes! Try differnet colors, or even a lack of color, like this Santa in San Francisco a few years ago.

Be Creative

There are lots of ways to spread cheer! If you want to show off your creativity or if you want to do something more than just a Santa suit, try thinking outside of the box! Christmas trees, snowpeople and even Candy cane mohawks are all welcome!
Santacon 02 - Costumes

Santacon 04 - Christmas Tree

Santacon 04 - Punk Rock Santa

Get On it!

While Santa’s Helpers will be available at the starting points on December 2 to sell a limited number of Santa costumes (all proceeds from costume sales will be donated to charity), there’s no reason to wait until the last minute! Taobao is full of hundreds of vendors selling Santa suits and other costumes. If you’re not a Chinese-speaking Santa, try BaoPals for easy English shopping. Just search for “圣诞老人服装” (Shèngdàn Lǎorén Fúzhuāng)

You can also check out this BuzzFeed article, or this Pinterest list for lots of examples of creative SantaCon costumes.

See you on December 2!