What’s hotter than Santa eating Sichuan hotpot in summer?

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What’s HOT (hotter than Santa in a suit eating Sichaun hotpot)

1. Santa or posse (reindeer, elves, be creative but identifiable) suit
Santa without a suit is like Beijing without jianbing: unrecognisable. Order, buy, make, beg, borrow, steal-get your Santa suit or be left feeling like Rudolph before Santa accepted him. Alternatively some Santa suits will be available for sale for charity on the day.

2. Warm clothes.
Even the big man in red from the North Pole gets cold in Beijing’s freezing winter…make sure to stay warm. Be warned that charity Santa suits are unlikely to protect you from any weather. They will insulate holly and jolly though.

3.Attitude and behaviour in line with avoiding serious naughty list
Santa does not have a bail fund to help other Santas out of jail. At this time of year as all good boys and girls are wanting to get on Santa’s nice list, Santa is modelling best (grown-up) behaviour.

4.Gifts and/or good Santa vibes.
Feel free to borrow some gifts from the Elves’ Christmas stockpile for Santacon Beijing observers and Santas. Candy or toys are acceptable for children and toys for good grown-ups are also allowed. Do not bring coal or mean gifts to give, as Santa hasn’t yet finalised his naughty list.

5.Understanding that you are Santa.
All Santas are Santa! As such, address other Santas as “Santa”. Santacon is organised only by Santa, so if you are Santa then you are the organiser of Santacon.

Lastly, while Mrs Claus was happy to share this Buzzfeed-esque list, she reminds Santas to remain on the Nice list and do not talk to the press.

What’s not hot (colder than a Houhai dip on the winter solstice)

1. No Santa can speak for all Santas and Beijing Santas especially don’t like the press.