Number 1 Rule of SantaCon: Santa Looks like Santa!

Santa’s Elves are counting down the days until this Saturday’s SantaCon extravaganza! Are you ready? As we march ever-closer to the big day, remember the number 1 rule of SantaCon: Santa looks like Santa!

“Throw on a Santa hat and you’re good” is not the way that this works, so if you don’t have some wearable holiday cheer laying around, now’s the time to jump into action!

If there are no stores at your local mega mall that carry Santa costumes, try searching for “圣诞老人服装” on your favorite Chinese shopping website. For those whose Chinese is limited, you can do the same search on BaoPals and order via their English language interface. (

Santa too generic for you? Try coming as Rudolph, or an Elf, or a candy cane. Even a wrapped present works! Be as creative as you want… just don’t be THAT person who shows up with some token ornament or no costume at all. Nobody likes a spoilsport non-Santa.

If you find yourself really hard up, there will be a limited number of Santa costumes available for purchase for ¥50 at one of the kick-off events at 11:30am on Saturday morning. (They will not be available later in the day.) All proceeds from costume purchases will be donated to Bethel China, which provides education and needed social services to visually impaired children.

Where, exactly, will those kick-off spots be? Check back here on Friday to find out!!

Santa Sugnature