SantaCon Starting Points Revealed!

SantaCon Eve is upon us! Santas will start gathering at 11:30am in the following spots:


Pyro Pizza
Address: Chengfu Rd., Haidian (邮政编码)
Phone: 8286-6240
Map (Google):
Map (Chinese):

Eastern/Central Beijing

4 Corners
Address: 27 Dashibei Hutong (near west end of Yandai Xiejie), Xicheng District / 西城区, 大石碑胡同27号 (烟袋斜街西口附近)
Phone: 6401-7797
Map (Google):
Map (Chinese):

For Santas who don’t have their proper holiday attire, Helper Elves will be on hand at both locations who will be selling Santa suits. The price is ¥50 each, with all money collected being donated to Bethel China. These suits will only be available at he starting locations, and we’l move on from those spots after about an hour, so if you need one don’t be a late Santa!

As always, SantaCon will move around the city to spread holiday cheer, but this year will be a bit different than years past. Instead of jumping from place to place every hour or so, Santas will descend on 2 “Santa Zones” during the day for extended periods. Multiple establishments in each Zone will open their doors, allowing for more Holly-ing and Jolly-ing and less running around!

Get ready for loads of Santa-riffic fun!!!

Santa Sugnature

Ho Ho Ho!!

Santa Says: Rules of SantaCon

So your going to SantaCon. Good for you! Santa is excited to see you there! Before you don your Holiday Best, keep in mind some of the guidelines for SantaCon that have made it the amazing, fun, globe-spanning event that it is. The most important for those of us here in Beijing are as follows:

1) Dress up! A Santa hat alone is not enough. You don’t have to dress exactly like Santa but the theme is red. That having been said, unusual interpretations of Santa-ness are often appreciated and Christmas trees, elves, reindeer themes, etc. are all good.

2) Dress warmly! The happiest Santas are the ones who are prepared for those Siberian winds that blow through Beijing this time of year.

3) Address your fellow Santa as “Santa.”

3) Bring your subway card! Santa is all about spreading holiday cheer, so he’ll be moving around the city. Santa is also all about sustainable travel, so trains and buses will most likely be utilized. (Plus, who doesn’t love a trainload/busload of jolly ol’ elves?!)

4) Bring small denominations! If you’re not one of those Santas who can use WeChat or AliPay, do the Nice thing and help out the staff of the establishments that will host us and try to have exact change. It’ll keep the lines moving.

5) Santa doesn’t talk to the press. Even “ho, ho, ho” is controversial these days. Seriously, no-one speaks for Santa – not you, not that Santa over there, not even that other Santa. You can express your opinion but, since you’re dressed like Santa, the media might treat it as Santa’s opinion.

6) Drink responsibly! Being drunk &/or disorderly in public will tarnish Santa’s reputation. One Naughty Santa can ruin things for an entire group because we’re all dressed the same, duh. Don’t be that Santa.

7) Be Nice! Be polite and cultivate the goodwill of the local community.

8) Santa is the only organizer of SantaCon. If somebody asks you who is “in charge” you can honestly say, “Santa.”

You can Check out a full list of Santa’s Guidelines and read more about how this whole crazy thing got started by clicking here:

See you on Saturday!!

Santa Sugnature


Number 1 Rule of SantaCon: Santa Looks like Santa!

Santa’s Elves are counting down the days until this Saturday’s SantaCon extravaganza! Are you ready? As we march ever-closer to the big day, remember the number 1 rule of SantaCon: Santa looks like Santa!

“Throw on a Santa hat and you’re good” is not the way that this works, so if you don’t have some wearable holiday cheer laying around, now’s the time to jump into action!

If there are no stores at your local mega mall that carry Santa costumes, try searching for “圣诞老人服装” on your favorite Chinese shopping website. For those whose Chinese is limited, you can do the same search on BaoPals and order via their English language interface. (

Santa too generic for you? Try coming as Rudolph, or an Elf, or a candy cane. Even a wrapped present works! Be as creative as you want… just don’t be THAT person who shows up with some token ornament or no costume at all. Nobody likes a spoilsport non-Santa.

If you find yourself really hard up, there will be a limited number of Santa costumes available for purchase for ¥50 at one of the kick-off events at 11:30am on Saturday morning. (They will not be available later in the day.) All proceeds from costume purchases will be donated to Bethel China, which provides education and needed social services to visually impaired children.

Where, exactly, will those kick-off spots be? Check back here on Friday to find out!!

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