Beijing Santacon Starting Points

Here Comes SantaCon! Here Comes SantaCon!

The wait is almost over! Tomorrow Santa rolls into Beijing in a BIG way, with jolly ol’ elves winding their way through the capital of the Middle Kingdom in a holly jolly horde!

Whether you’re on the east side of the city or the west, there’s a starting point convenient for you to get to. And they are…

East Side / Sanlitun – 11:00am

The Local
Address: Courtyard 4 (opposite west entrance of 1949 – The Hidden City), Gongti Beilu (朝阳区工体北路4号院 (1949西门对面))
Phone: 6591-9525

West Side / Wudaoku – 12:00pm

Sugar Shack
Address: Huaqing Jiayuan, Building 12 (basement, below the 7-11), Wudaokou (华清嘉园12号楼B1层)
Phone: 8286-6240

Remember the first and most important of Santa’s Guidelines: Santa looks like Santa. So come dressed in your finest finery, ready to spread good cheer! If you don’t have a Santa costume and haven’t bothered to put together some other kind of creative holiday-themed outfit, get to the starting points early, as there will be a limited number of Santa suits available for purchase. The price is ¥50 each and all money collected gets donated to Bethel China.

Santa has a long list of nice places to visit, and he/she usually doesn’t stay in one spot for more than an hour, so be prepared to move!. Both sides will make their ways towards the center of the city as the day progresses, eventually meeting up in an explosion of Santas!

Santa will be sending messages to his/her elves, revealing when and where to move to next. Look for WeChat groups… follow friends in the know… follow the hashtag #BJSantaCon on Instagram… Or just listen for the Santa shouting directions.

See you tomorrow!!!!
Santa Sugnature

SantaCon Guidelines

Santas love to have fun spreading holiday cheer, so bring your good vibes and just be Santa! Here are some guidelines to keep in mind to make sure that everybody has a great time:

Santa Looks Like Santa: It’s called “SantaCon” for a reason. So don’t be a Scrooge… or, better yet, be a Scrooge! You don’t have to dress *exactly* like Santa. Unusual interpretations of Santa-ness are much appreciated, both by those we bring joy to – as well as your fellow Santas. Elves, reindeer themes etc. are fine as well!

Santa is Santa & He Set the Whole Thing Up: You are Santa. Address your fellow Santas as “Santa.” If anybody, especially someone from the media, asks who the organizer is, or who is “in charge,” you can be honest and tell them, “Santa!”

Santa dresses for all occasions: It’s December. Smart Santas wear multiple layers. Dress to maximize merriment whether singing Christmas carols in the snow, or swinging from a pole in a hot nightclub.

Santa Uses Cash: Be sure to have cash. You don’t want to be the Santa holding up the line at the bar while the overworked bartender runs your card. Have lots of change, too. When everybody shows up with 100s things can get dicey. So be prepared!

Don’t be THAT Santa: Please remember that this is all about having fun. Most Santas like to take their fun with a little alcohol, which is fine. What is not fine, however, is getting completely sh#t-faced to the point that Santas end up being abusive or violent. Remember that there is no “bail fund” for incarcerated Santas and if you cross the line you’ll be on your own.

And finally… Remember the Four Fucks:

Don’t fuck with kids
Don’t fuck with Santa
Don’t fuck with Security (because they will call the police)
Don’t fuck with the Police (because they will arrest and possibly deport your ass.)
Santa Sugnature

Just one week to go until SantaCon 2015! Are you ready?!

Just one week to go until SantaCon 2015! Are you ready?!

There’s lots of fun in store, with east side and west side starting points planned, as well as a central location where Santas from all across our beloved megacity will come together, forming a heaving, holly and jolly mass of holiday fun!

As always, the starting points will be announced the night before, so keep watching this space. Santa’s Elves and helpers will also spread the word on Facebook, Twitter & WeChat. The entire route is kept top secret until the day of the event.

There will be specials on offer at each of the establishments along the route, with a musical blowout as the grand finale that will be free for all participating Santas! Who is performing? Where is the party? You’ll find out next week!

One of the rules of SantaCom is that Santa looks like Santa. A Santa hat alone is not enough. You don’t have to dress exactly like Santa but the theme is red. That having been said, unusual interpretations of Santa-ness are often appreciated and Christmas trees, elves, reindeer themes etc. are all good.

If you’re a Santa who is unable to find the appropriate Santa outfit on Taobao or at their local market, there will be a limited number of Santa costumes available at each starting point. The cost for one will be 50 RMB.

Santa loves to help people! This year Santa is once again using SantaCon as a chance to support those who are in need. All money raised from Santa costumes sales will be donated to charity. Also, access to each venue’s drink specials and the grand finale concert will require a wristband that can be had for a 50 RMB donation. All money raised will go to the god people at Bethel China who help blind children reach their full potential. You can learn more about their work here. NOTE: if you buy a Santa costume you will automatically be given a wristband!

Get excited, everybody!!
Santa Sugnature