Santa’s Answers


Santa often gets asked the same questions. So here are the answers that s/he always gives in response:

Q: What is Santacon?
A: SantaCon is a non-denominational, non-religious and non-sensical celebration of all things Santa! People get dressed up in their finest holiday fare and join together for a festive day out on the town!

Q: When is Santacon?
A: This year it’s on Saturday, December 13! Sleighs take off at 11:30am and won’t come down until the wee hours!

Q: Where does SantaCon start?
A: There are dozens of cities around the world celebrating SantaCon (see a list here), but in Beijing there will be multiple starting points: in Wudaoku, Gulou and Shuangjing. The exact locations will be announced the night before on this space and on Twitter, Facebook, Weibo and WeChat. At some point during the day the groups will converge and become a truly Holly & Jolly flashmob of Santa-y fun!

Q: How will I know where to go?
A: Once you get to the starting point, just follow the crowd! If you’re going to be a late Santa, details on the next stop will be sent from the North Pole whenever it’s time to move. The Messages will go out via Twitter, Facebook and Weibo. Santas will also be checking in wherever they go. Just follow the hashtag #BJSantaCon and you won’t be left out. Finally, lots of good little boys and girls have been getting added onto Santa’s “Nice” List on WeChat. Find a friend who’s on the list to get added and you’ll get copied on Santa’s messages during the day!

Q: Do I really need to wear a costume?
A: Yes.

Q: What if I don’t have a costume?
A: Get online and buy one! Santa has heard that his Workshop’s main competition in China is something called “Taobao”. That’ll probably work. Or hit up the markets around town. Santa’s Helpers will be selling some one-size-fits-all Santa costumes at all of the starting points, but they’ll be first-come, first-served. All proceeds from costume sales will go to support Bethel China.

Q: Who is organizing this year’s SantaCon?
A: Santa