How to get the most out of your SantaCon!

How to get the most out of your SantaCon!

Everybody wants to have fun during SantaCon, so here are some tips that you can use to make the event as Merry as possible for you and all of the other Santas.

Dress appropriately! – A Santa hat alone is not enough, even if you’re a nudist. Also, keep the weather in mind. The current forecast is for temperatures to range between -8 and 3 during the day (18F – 37F). That’s chilly! Santa has devised a route that will involve as little walking as possible, but there will be periods when you could be out on the street for up to 15 minutes. Make sure you have enough layers to keep warm! You want to be able to remove some of them when you go from the chilly air into a warm venue.

Have lots of cash! – Just imagine if you’re a server trying to keep up with dozens of tabs and everyone looks like Santa. That’s some serious mafan! It’ll make life easier for you too because you won’t have to pay a tab when it comes time to leave. Most of the places on Santa’s list will be quick stops – 1 hour or less – so running a tab could lead to time being wasted and you being left behind.

Bring your Yikatong… with money on it! – There will be multiple starting points across Beijing (Wudaokou, Gulou & Shuangjing) and they will converge at some point, so there will be some use of public transit. Don’t be the Santa that gets left behind because you have to rummage in your sack for money or because you got stuck in line trying to buy a subway card.

Stay Connected! – Get a fellow Santa’s mobile phone number in case you are separated from the group. Also, network with other Santas and get added to one of Santa’s “Nice” Lists on WeChat so that you can get copied on announcements and directions when they come from the North Pole.

Eat! – Santa is responsible for his own feeding. Some of our stops will have food available. You could also buy some jianbìng from that vendor over there.

Pace Yourself! – Stay hydrated. Drink water in between your milk and cookies.

Be Jolly! – Santa is responsible for his own inebriation. SantaCon is not an open bar crawl — it’s a convention. With bar stops.

Be Nice! – Don’t be “that” Santa. Your friends want to have fun, not babysit you, scrape vomit out of your beard or prevent your wasted ass from stumbling in front of a bus.

Share! – Try to check-in at each of our stops to let everybody know where we’re at. Post photos and videos up onto Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to use the hashtag “#BJSantaCon” every time that you check-in or post anything. Also, if you end up taking some cool video consider submitting it to the SantaCon Film Project:

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